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Tracy Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage - Motor Truck Cargo insurance protects the transporter for his or her responsibility in the event of damaged or lost freight. The policy is purchased with a maximum load limit per vehicle.

Trucking companies and owner-operators in Tracy face enormous risks on every run. They assume a huge financial responsibility for the property they haul. Accidents, theft, faulty refrigeration, and other unforeseen situations can be devastating if you're not protected.

These are some of the highlights to this type of coverage:

  • Earned Freight Charges – Up to $2,500 separate from other Limits of Insurance
  • Debris Removal Expenses – Up to $5,000 separate from other Limits of Insurance
  • Reloading Expenses – Up to $5,000 separate from other Limits of Insurance
  • “Transit” defined to include ordinary, reasonable and necessary stops, interruptions, delays or transfers incidental to the route and method of shipment
  • “Loading” & “Unloading” – Included when immediately adjacent to the transporting conveyance
  • Coverage endorsements that address a number of specialized operations, including Auto Haulers, Couriers and others

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Who Needs Motor Truck Cargo Insurance in Tracy?

Cargo Trucks – Hauling Vans – Flatbed Trucks – Garbage Vans – Box Trucks – Others

Examples of Cargo Covered:

Consumer Goods – Raw Materials – Equipment – Parts – Other

Examples of Cargo Not Covered:

Jewelry – Money – Life Animals – Weapons – Collectibles – Other High Value Items

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